Love Your Floor


Proper care and maintenance is extremely important for retaining the beauty and long term durability of your Pinnacle hardwood floor. All wood flooring products are subject to normal wear. While Pinnacle’s AMCERIC™ and AMCERIC ULTRA™ finishes are two of the most abrasion resistant finishes available, the finish may scratch and indentations can occur. The following information will help protect your floor from the most common, preventable damage that hardwood floors experience.


Routine Care includes sweeping or vacuuming regularly to remove dust and dirt which may dull the shine and scratch the finish (make certain that the beater bar is not engaged when vacuuming). Spills should be wiped up promptly. Problem marks may be removed by using acetone applied with a soft cloth. Large areas can be cleaned with a cloth dampened with approved floor cleaner, and then dried with a clean cloth. Don't mop or clean the floor with soap, water, oil-soap, detergent, or any other liquid cleaning material. Do not use wax, oil based products or abrasive cleaners. Use of these types of products, and other non-approved cleaning products can damage your floor and void the warranty. Use only approved wood floor cleaner as directed. No buffing is required. Do not steam clean or use a steam cleaner on your Pinnacle Floor.


Use small rugs or walk-off mats at entrances to prevent oils, dirt, grit and moisture from being tracked onto the floor.

Area rugs are recommended at all entry points, kitchen sinks and in front of heavy use appliances (stove, oven, refrigerators). These rugs should be slip-resistant with a backing that will not discolor the floor. Area rugs and non-skid rug underlayments should not have a solid rubber or vinyl backing, as these may discolor the floor and damage the finish.

Use of floor protector pads under heavy furniture (china cabinets, dining room tables, sofas, entertainment centers with feet, etc.) helps to reduce the risk of indentation by distributing weight evenly. Felt floor protectors (not rubber or plastic) are recommended to help prevent scrapes and scratches from chairs and furniture that will be moved often. Use only cylinder type casters (not ball casters).

Use a furniture dolly when moving appliances or large, heavy furniture. Never slide or roll appliances or furniture across your floor without adequate protection, as this may damage or indent the floor.

Avoid walking on your wood floor with worn stiletto or spike heels (the type with exposed metal pins), or other footwear in ill repair, as this may damage your floor.

Pet claws should be trimmed regularly, as they may scratch or indent wood floors.

It is possible that some floors may experience changes in color when exposed to light for extended periods of time. The degree of color and shade change will vary from species to species. Large area rugs and furniture should be repositioned frequently to avoid a drastic change in the floors’ color and shade.

Satisfactory performance of a wood floor is greatly influenced by its environmental conditions. Favorable temperatures and relative humidity levels for human health are also favorable for wood floors. A temperature of 60°F to 80°F and relative humidity between 30% and 50% must be maintained for optimal performance of Pinnacle hardwood floors.

Humidifiers should be used in arid climates and during the drier times of the year to maintain proper relative humidity levels and to help reduce or eliminate cracks that can be caused by excessive drying of the wood. Dehumidifiers or air conditioners can be used to prevent wood floors from buckling by reducing higher humidity levels.

Never damp mop your Pinnacle wood floors with water, oil-based products, abrasive cleaners, soaps or detergents. Water may permanently damage the floor. Use approved wood floor cleaner to remove spills or clean spots.

Damage from abuse, misuse or improper maintenance is not covered under the product warranty.