Internet Purchases

Pinnacle Interior Elements strives to provide its customers with flooring products of exceptional value and quality, and a purchase and installation experience that is second to none. We recognize that your ultimate satisfaction is dependent upon the quality of our products, the actions of our people, and those of our partners that deliver and install our products.

Providing the appropriate product for every application and insuring that the product is installed in a correct manner requires a significant level of knowledge about the flooring. This level of professionalism requires a long-term commitment to the industry. Pinnacle, through its distributors, attempts to align itself with quality companies and individuals. Our intention is to have our products sold only through our aligned partners. Our distributor partners, as professionals within the floor covering industry, have qualified this network of dealers, contractors and design firms. The owners have committed their companies to provide the marketing and sales tools necessary for a superior buying experience, and properly trained mechanics to install the products.

As sales of floor covering products on the internet have grown, many new outlets have emerged offering our products to the public. We are unable to verify either their professionalism or their ability to provide the correct Pinnacle product for the correct application. As a result, we caution prospective buyers in their selection of an internet source for purchasing Pinnacle products. In the event of a problem arising from the incorrect application of a Pinnacle product, consumers should be aware that Pinnacle would not recognize a warranty claim prior to the job-site being inspected by both the retailer and distributor that sold the product. The retailer must provide Pinnacle with proof that the material was first quality material when it was purchased (not seconds or special run materials). In evaluating any internet product offering, consumers should confirm if listed price includes delivery charges for the material and other associated sundry products required for the installation.