The Science Behind Surface


Pinnacle’s high-performance AMCERIC® no-wax finish protects your investment and requires minimal care. A technically advanced molecular ceramic coating protects the floor with a tough, abrasion resistant finish. The crystal clear AMCERIC® finish allows all the color, tone and texture of the wood to shine through beautifully. Easy care is as simple as vacuuming or sweeping regularly and an occasional cleaning with an approved hardwood floor cleaner.


AMCERIC ULTRA protects the natural beauty of your new floor with the ultimate in hardwood floor finish technology. ULTRA features a double-layer of defense that no other finish can match. The first line of defense is the lasting durability of Pinnacle’s AMCERIC® finish that provides years of performance proven scratch and stain resistance.

Now, Pinnacle has made a great finish even better by adding a second line of defense on top of the AMCERIC® finish in several products! The new AMCERIC ULTRA finish introduces a breakthrough in comprehensive scratch and stain resistance. ULTRA features proprietary technology that outperforms the best of the best finishes. This new combination of finishes gives AMCERIC ULTRA unprecedented scratch and stain resistance!